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Raising your child along with your pets can pose problems. It may be easier for you to wait until your kids are old enough to understand everything there is to properly handle your puppy or kitten. However, it is often possible to successfully raise kids along with your pet. To do so successfully requires close supervision as well as proper education for your child.

Kids learn whenever they are playing. Most of their time is spent role-playing and mimicking the behaviors that they see in everybody around them. This is one of the best opportunities for you to teach them how to treat pets. You can start by introducing a stuffed toy to them. You might want the stuffed toy to resemble the pet that you are planning on getting. You can handle the toy as if it were a real pet. You should make it a point to let them be gentle with the toy, stroking its fur, and taking good care of it. You should also never engage in activities you wouldn’t do with a real pet.

If someone in your family already has a puppy or a kitten, you should take this as an opportunity for you to teach proper pet care. Make sure your child leaves the pet alone when it is napping, exaggerating in hushing, and tiptoeing around the sleeping pet. You should praise your child whenever he or she shows appropriate behavior around the pet. If there are some cases when the cat hisses or the dog growls, you should explain why it happened. Use every incident as an opportunity to teach your child how to handle pets.

To keep both your child and your pet safe, you need to keep them supervised. If you can’t watch them or if you are busy, you might as well separate them. You could use a baby gate so that your child and your pet won’t be able to play without your supervision. You could also put the pet in another section of the house until you are free.

Whenever you raise your children along with pets, you should be prepared for incidents. These incidents are usually inevitable, especially if your children and your pet are playing. Children will usually get scratches from cats and kittens when they play. They may even get nips from puppies if they are left unsupervised. The scratches may occur when a cat wants to catch something, while dogs usually nip when they are inexpertly offered food. Comfort your child whenever something like this happens, but you must also explain why the event happened. This way, your child can learn how to act properly in the future when around their pets.

Raising your young children along with your pet can be very difficult, but it has great advantages. Your child will learn values such as unconditional love, commitment, and empathy. They’ll also enjoy the companionship and life lessons that one gets from owning and caring for a pet.

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