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How To Train a Puppy

The Best Way to Care for Pomeranian Puppy

Dogs have many different breeds and each of these breeds has different personalities and different things that need to be taken into account when you are training and taking care of them. To begin with, you have to be certain that when you care for a puppy you are taking their personality into consideration and caring for them in a way that fits and makes sense with the breed. To be a good dog owner, when you look at the different dogs, you should see or at least perceive initially what they need.

When you care for Pomeranian puppies, you should realize that these dogs have a tendency to bark a lot and also to be overly volatile, which might cause them to bite at people’s ankles for a minor disturbance. There are two things you have to learn by heart when you want the best way to care for a Pomeranian puppy.

Excessive Barking

The first thing to think about when you care for Pomeranian puppies is that they bark a lot in comparison to other dogs. It should be your responsibility that when they are puppies you have to curb this behavior. A good point to remember is that all dogs bark, but only for a reason. If the puppy learns that they are supposed to bark, they will. Because the easiest way to care for Pomeranian puppies in training is to praise them by giving them attention, it follows that the simplest way to control a puppy from barking is not to mind them when they bark. When you are doing the care for a Pomeranian puppy and the puppy barks, simply say “NO!”, and then turn away from the dog. As soon as the dog stops barking, turn towards them and praise them. This is the best way to ensure that your Pomeranian doesn’t bark excessively.

Impulsive Biting

The other thing you have to deal with when you care for Pomeranian puppies is that they sometimes get too excited and end up biting at people’s ankles. In order to bring this behavior to an end, you have to socialize the puppy and take them out very often to expose them to many things. The more things that you can expose your puppy to, the better they are going to be at adapting to new situations. In turn, they’ll be less likely to bite at people’s ankles. Biting for a dog is really a manifestation of being nervous and afraid, so if you can socialize your puppy as often as possible, they’ll be much less likely to get easily scared and excitable and there would be no instance of impulsive biting.

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