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Socialization Plays Lead Role in Pit Bull Puppy Care

Of all the types of dogs, Pit Bulls are probably the least liked when it comes to their temperament and what kind of dog they become as they get older. This means that for those that are looking for pitbull puppy care, the most important thing for them to worry about should be socialization and training. It is primarily important to take good care of your puppy, including feeding the correct food and doing the proper things for training. With pit bull puppy care, however, socialization plays center stage and should be the foremost to be given attention.

How It Works

When it comes to pitbull puppy care, there are many mistakes that people make, mostly unintentional because of a lack of knowledge. First of all, some people buy pit bulls because they are rumored to be mean fighting dogs and this is what the people want. When this happens, the owners tend to get into pitbull puppy care in the way that they would want their pit bulls to behave. Often it is manifested with them playing roughly with their pitbull puppy, and trying to make them into something they are not. Playing rough and hitting or teasing a pit bull, or any other dog will make them mean and aggressive as they age.

Surprising as it may seem, the most important part of pitbull puppy care is giving them attention and socialization. A dog, any breed of dog, will end up being exactly the dog you treat them when they are still a puppy. If you act like you are fearful of the dog and want the dog to act aggressively towards you, even in jest, and this is your type of pitbull puppy care, you will find that your puppy grows up to be exactly what you want them to be—a monster. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Therefore, when you are doing pitbull puppy care you need to socialize your puppy very much. You need to take them to places and have them exposed to many different sounds and loud noises, as well as people. You need to expose them to children and other animals and make sure that they are able to handle the stress of meeting new characters without getting aggressive.

Bear in mind that your dog will be as you want them to be. Ergo, pitbull puppy care should include teaching your puppy how to be kind, loving, and gentle; not necessarily teaching them how to be mean and aggressive. Dogs are naturally protective and act accordingly when the need arises. In common situations, they need not be berserk—people should not make some dogs a bringer of terror.

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