How to Take Care of a Puppy

How To Train a Puppy

Stop Puppy Biting
Your cuddly puppy has suddenly turned into a snapping turtle with sharp pointed teeth, so how to stop puppy biting?

Recognize that your dog is a pack animal and there must be a hierarchy that they can understand. Your dog will never see you as an equal; you are either higher or lower than them on the totem pole of command.


An excellent method to use if you wondering how to stop puppy biting is simple transference. This means that if your puppy starts to gnaw on your fingers replace the fingers with a chew toy or treat.

Be a Dog 

Another method is to act like a puppy yourself. When the puppy bites, let out a loud OUCH, get up, and move away. Ignore your puppy for a minute or two then return with a suitable toy. However, if your puppy is older or you are trying to learn how to stop puppy biting because an established pattern has emerged, there are other techniques that may be employed.


This is a simple command and easy to teach. Place a treat in your hand and hold it in front of the puppy. When the puppy reaches for the treat, firmly push his nose and mouth to the side and say “OFF” in a low, firm voice. After four or five tries, you will see that the puppy will automatically turn his head. Not only does this command help stop a puppy from biting, but it can also be used anytime you don’t want your dog picking something up in its mouth, such as an old piece of a hot dog lying about when you are out for a walk.

Shake Can The shake can is very effective in how to stop a puppy from biting. Take an empty soda can and drop two or three pennies in it. Tape the top shut. When your puppy starts nipping, give the can a firm shake close to the puppy. The loud noise is very effective in drawing the puppy’s attention away from fingers and toes. It is the noise that puppies don’t like and they may quickly abandon the habit you are trying to break.

Human Behavior

Regardless of your puppy’s disposition, it is human behavior that can often be at fault. Never let your puppy play with your hands and feet. What is cute now may become a bad habit later on and it will become very difficult to figure out how to stop the puppy from biting.

Games that employ tug-of-war, running, and tackling games are two excellent examples of games that reinforce bad behavior.

If you play these games with your puppy, you can expect a greater degree of difficulty when you want to learn how to stop puppy biting. Never dangle food for them to jump up and grab from you.

If you have small children, it is important to teach them not to run from a puppy with high, squealing voices.

A puppy will view them as a weaker animal and the possibility of injury is higher than if you teach your children to approach dogs in the right manner.

The number one fact to remember is your new puppy is a dog. It is far easier to train a pet if you understand their behavior. Dogs are creatures of habit so your rules can not be subtle or varied.

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