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All About Yorkie Puppy Care

Yorkies are one of the most adorable dogs around. Surely nobody will contest that. They are one of the few breeds who actually become cuter as they get older. If you want to adopt one of these little joys, there are several things you need to know about Yorkie puppy care. The bundle of energy falls short to describe these little cuties. These puppies seem to have a ceaseless supply of energy. They are so full of life that they want to just run around and play non-stop all day. For many people, this playfulness and bouncy energy are too much for them to handle. If you are someone looking for a docile dog that wouldn’t bother you so much, you might want to consider another breed.

Newborn Yorkie puppy care is so much similar to care for any other type of puppy. You need to provide attention, food, water, and grooming. Yorkies have elegant long coats that require daily grooming. A thorough brushing every day would do well to prevent matting. Starting this practice at an early age of the puppy will help them learn to tolerate this activity as they grow.

Yorkies are a member of the toy breeds and face a constant threat of low blood sugar. Because of their high energy level, their small bodies sometimes burn up more energy than they take in. This can be a serious problem if not given immediate remedy. A small amount of sweet water or syrup will usually do the trick but if your puppy does not respond to this therapy, you need to arrange a schedule with the vet. This problem usually is not so dangerous after twelve weeks of the puppy’s age.

Because of their small structure and high energy level you need to take care that your Yorkie puppy gets enough to drink. Dehydration can happen fast and unexpectedly that’s why the water supply needs faithful monitoring. If your puppy is playing hard all the time, they consequently need to drink water as frequently as possible. It is extremely vital for you to have a fresh supply of water available for your dog at all times.

Training as Part of Yorkie Puppy Care

You might’ve observed it and find it peculiar—Yorkies don’t realize they are little dogs. They often exhibit stubborn behavior especially when you are trying to house train them. They are one of the more difficult breeds to train and they will entail a great deal of patience on your part. A very young Yorkie is probably not going to learn very fast. Successful training is usually attained when the dog is five to six months old. If you are practicing appropriate Yorkie puppy care, you will not spank or hit your puppy when they accidentally do mischief. Instead, try scolding them in an intentionally rough voice. Most puppies want to please their master and it makes them unhappy when they know they have disappointed you. Since you are dealing with a baby dog, you should not expect too much too soon. It is also important to know that treats should be given as a reward when your puppy goes where you want them to or does what you ask them to do. This will help reinforce their positive behavior and will train them to be good retrievers.

Yorkie puppy care will sometimes try your patience and you need to be up to that challenge. The first year of life is usually the most difficult but their temperament will get better as you train them and they mature. With patience and understanding as your tools, you will find that the Yorkie is one of the most lovable and loyal dogs you can have around.

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