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Foods Your Pet Puppies and Kittens Should Avoid!

Domestic pets like cats and dogs can usually consume some of the foods that we eat. However, there are several kinds of food that your pet should not eat. If they do consume these kinds of food, they may develop some problems. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid giving to your pets and their effects.

Milk – Kittens and puppies love the taste of milk, but after they have been through the weaning process sometimes they become lactose intolerant. If your pet is intolerant to lactose and consumes too much milk, it will give them diarrhea and an upset stomach. Milk may be a good source of calcium, but too much milk may cause bone development problems in puppies and kittens. Food specially formulated for your pets contain the right amount of calcium, so you should use those instead.

Tuna – It is quite well known that cats like the taste of fish, so giving tuna as a treat occasionally will not cause any harm to your cat. However, if your pet consumes canned tuna in oil almost every day with no other food, it may develop Pansteatitis, a skin disease that is also known as yellow fat disease. When your cat has this, it may be very sensitive to touch and would have a hard time getting around.

Liver – Fresh liver is a good appetizer for your pets. This is really rich in nutrients, but giving it as a sole food to your cat or dog could lead to serious problems. When your cat has too much Vitamin A, it may cause deformities in its bones, leaving your cat unable to walk. There is no way to reverse the changes, so you should be careful in feeding too much liver to your cat.

Onions – Many dogs enjoy the taste of onions, but they could be toxic if they are consumed in large quantities. As a matter of fact, even a Labrador-sized dog can develop anemia if it eats a whole onion. It may even cause death to some dogs.

Chocolate – While cats don’t really like sweet food, dogs seem to love eating sweets such as chocolate. However, chocolate contains Theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs. The amount of this substance varies with each type of chocolate, with cocoa powder having the highest concentration and milk chocolate the least. If you want to give your dog chocolate treats safely, there are dog treats specially manufactured without Theobromine.

Grapes and Raisins – These foods are poisonous to dogs, and they should never be fed. Within just a few hours, a dog that has eaten grapes will start to vomit, and this will develop into kidney failure and even death.

Animal Bones – Dogs like something to chew on, but you should avoid feeding them animal bones. The bones could splinter and injure the mouths of your dog. In extreme cases, broken teeth resulting from chewing bones may cause an obstruction to your dog’s stomach, which will need to be surgically removed. Cooked bones often cause the most problems to dogs, so you should be careful in feeding them bones.

Although your pets may seem to enjoy some or all of the foods listed above, you should be careful in giving these to them. If they eat too much of these, they may start to develop problems that could ultimately cause their deaths.

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