How to Take Care of a Puppy

How To Train a Puppy

Puppy Training Tips

Having a puppy at home can be lots of fun. Some pet owners even go through extreme preparation as if they’re expecting a new baby in the family. They do this by making their home as pet-friendly as possible to ensure they will keep their new puppy safe inside it.

In addition to preparing their homes for their pets, you will also find lots of owners who are looking for ways on how to train their puppies. There are lots of excellent resources for doing this. Here are just three simple puppy training steps for making your puppy more at home in its new environment.

1. Your puppy must learn its way around the house. In order for your puppy to feel comfortable, they should be used to the layout of the house. It’s important for your pet to know how to deal with it so they won’t feel abandoned or scared. Take them from room to room and let them get acclimated to their new surroundings. Stay with them at first and then gradually begin to leave them alone in each new area.

2. You need to start training them on stairs by building their confidence. Since they are still puppies, they may still lack the confidence of going up the stairs because of their size. At the same time, this is something new for them so they are likely to be scared of it. What you can do is to start incorporating the stairs by showing them to them and letting them go up on their own. Start going up with them and then eventually let them do it on their own. Just make sure you meet them at the top or bottom of the stairs to boost their confidence.

3. Train them through habituation or getting used to an item and setting. This is the type of training you’ll use if you want them to wear their collars without any problems. To do this have them wear their collar but let them react to it. Of course, negative reactions will occur at first. Your puppy will try to get it off because they’re uncomfortable with it. Don’t disturb them or take the collar off. Remember that they need to get used to the collar so you just let them react until they eventually become comfortable wearing it.

Training your puppy can be very simple. These basic tips summarize one small aspect of the training regimen you must follow to fully train your puppy. By following these steps you’ll ensure your puppy will feel happier and more comfortable in their new environment. This will lead to less stress on the puppy and less stress on you!

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